Walloon Lake Engagement | Gigi + Jake


“At hello.” was Jake’s answer to when he knew Gigi was the one for him. Likewise, Gigi answered with “Our first date.”

These two met through a mutual friend at work back in 2014. It wasn’t until 2015 though, that Jake asked their friend to talk to Gigi about taking her out. “I was hesitant at first because Jon was (and still is) my boss, so I felt like I’d be overstepping my boundaries but a few months later, I agreed to go out on a double date with Jon, Nicole (his then girlfriend and now wife) and Jake. They picked me up at my Mom’s house (I was still living there at the time) and we went downtown Detroit for drinks, more drinks, food, and even more drinks. Jake and I had chatted via text a few days leading up to the official first date, so when I met him in person, I felt like I already knew him – there wasn’t that ‘first date’ awkwardness at all.”

It didn’t take long for Gigi and Jake to realize they had just found the one. “…it really was when we first met, our first date wasn’t from a fairy tale or anything but for us, it was perfect and we both knew this was real. We saw each other three times in the five days after that first date, so we really went full steam ahead and haven’t stopped!”

Fast forward and it was time for Jake to seal the deal with one question and a ring. It was a Saturday, and Gigi was busy packing and cleaning the house for their trip the next morning. “Jake asked me if I wanted to go get lunch with my Dad and my brother, because he had to go to Grosse Pointe to pick up some sort of sailing line. At first I thought, ‘so he might be wanting to ask my Dad a special question’ but then again, Jake and my brother get along GREAT and my Dad is ALWAYS offering to take him to lunch. I declined because I had too much to do, so Leroy (our new puppy) and I stayed home.  A few hours later, Jake comes home with a bottle of Johnny Walker in his hand and a bottle of Veuve. This wasn’t that weird, we usually drink on the way to the airport before vacation in the cab. I continue on doing my things while he takes Leroy outside, when they both come back in Jake asks me to look at Leroy’s collar. I say, ‘Can you look?’ But he continues to ask what’s on Leroy’s collar, he has something on there, etc. I keep saying ‘I don’t know, I’m busy, can you look?’ This goes on for like a minute and a half. After his probably 10th time of asking me I turn around and walk towards Leroy, who happens to be sitting so perfectly (which is rare, he’s usually running around), and I reach for his collar to find a ring attached to it! My initial reaction was shock, saying ‘WHAT IS THIS?!’ Then the tears came in and more shock and more tears. It was so sweet and cute, I felt bad I took so long to look at Leroy! Jake had recorded the whole ordeal too without me knowing and the video is hilarious to watch because it’s SO clear how uninterested I was in looking at Leroy’s collar. We popped the Veuve and have been celebrating EVER since!”

Let the celebrating continue, and the wedding planning begin! Congratulations on your engagement, Gigi and Jake!