Leelanau Dune Engagement | Elle + Luke | By Luke


Elle & Luke are one of those couples that you can tell have years of foundation built under their relationship.  Even though it wasn’t sparks at their first meeting, it didn’t take long before they realized how special each other was.  “The first time we met was at a Homecoming dance our senior year of high school. I was the date of one of Luke’s close friends, and Luke actually drove my date and I to pictures and hosted the after party at his house.” Funny how circumstances can change!

The years following the start of their relationship was time spent strengthening and building each other up, until Luke was ready to pop the question.  As Elle recalls, “Luke and I had planned to take a trip to Northern Michigan for the week of 4th of July with our two close friends (Justin and Connor- Luke’s best men).  We decided we would just do a quick lunch and take some pictures.  Luke suggested that we take pictures of the view before we ate and insisted that we get a picture of him and me.  While I was posing for these pictures with Luke, all of the sudden, Luke got down on one knee!  I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal, moment or day of my life.  He really made that moment the most amazing one of my life!”

Elle & Luke, I’m so excited for the two of you to become one.  Your adventurous spirit and desire to travel and to push each other forward is absolutely contagious! Congratulations to the both of you!