Northern Michigan Wilderness Engagement | Brielan + Charney | By Anna


Brielan & Charney are simply meant for each other. There’s just no doubt about it. First, it was their friends that saw it. “We have some mutual family friends that had been trying to set us up for some time, maybe as long as a couple of years! The timing finally worked out, and Charney friended me on facebook. I immediately messaged him and said something like, ‘I’ve been hearing a lot about you lately!’ Charney’s family, particularly his mother and sister, are close friends with one of my best friends and her mother. They would all go to horse camp together and scheme about how to get us to meet. Now they argue about who gets credit for our relationship; it’s all good fun!”

And it wasn’t long before Brielan & Charney saw it too. According to Charney, he knew that they were meant for each other on there first date! ” We started talking and I just knew. She let me ramble on and on, but I knew.” Brielan says, “It took me longer. I wanted to see how he treated other people, his family, strangers, friends. In all cases he is the same man. I love that he is honestly himself to all people, he never puts up a front and his manner is never affected. He is kind, generous, hard-working, and I am lucky to call him my partner!”

So naturally, it was only a matter of time before Charney popped the question. And their proposal story goes a little something like this…

According to Charney: “I was sitting at the dining room table after writing the checks for some home renovations we had done, and after looking at the budget for the rest of the month I said to Brielan, ‘There’s enough money left in the budget, you better pick out a ring!’ She replied, ‘Are you asking me something?’”

According to Brielan: “It was a perfect moment in our brand new kitchen and dining room. After all the new painting was done, it was finally feeling like our home. It just made sense for him to ask in a space that was ours, just the two of us, somewhere that we are building a life together.”

Brielan & Charney, you two are a joy and the perfect compliment to each other. Congrats on your engagement!