Winter Hike Engagement | Mary + Nick | By Luke


The moment I met Mary & Nick I knew that they were something truly special.  They were a team!  It all makes sense too, when you hear their story.

Mary and Nick both went to Grand Valley State University  for their undergrad.  Mary recalls, “However, where we specifically met was not very exciting… we met in the parking lot of an off-campus apartment complex on our way to a party. Nick was dressed super nice and looking very dapper, after attending a musical, whereas I was dressed to attend a “country themed party” so we both had interesting first impressions of each other!”  That didn’t stop Nick from falling head over heels for Mary!

When we asked Nick how he knew that Mary was the one, he said, “Along our journey, I pictured my life without her and it left me feeling empty and in despair. It was the deepest pit in my stomach I had ever felt. This was then filled with joy and happiness as I thought of all the times she had brought a smile to my face and how she truly brings out the best in me. She is strong for me when I need her and I am strong for her when she needs me. We make a great team and our sense of humor helps us through a lot.  Proposing to her meant I would have the chance to keep these feelings of happiness forever and grow it even further. I knew I wanted to make that commitment to her.”  Mary’s realization was equally beautiful and inspiring. “I knew I was meant for Nick when I realized that we balance each other’s personalities out really well. He’s the “ying to my yang” not to sound too cliche, but I tend to become more easily overwhelmed and stressed out, and Nick is always  there to make me laugh and calm me down. Whereas, Nick feels that I encourage him to take life a little more seriously when it’s needed, and to do his best and be the best he can be. Also, I knew Nick was meant for me when I started to share with him first the little things in life that make you happy, mad or sad on a daily basis. I used to always want to share big pieces of news with my mom or roommate first; however, I started sharing them with my new best friend and soul mate first.”

Mary & Nick, I am so exhilarated to be a part of your journey as you approach your wedding day, and I cannot wait for you two to say “I do” to each other.