Glen Lake Proposal | Christy + Max | By Luke


“The BEST part is that it’s only the beginning of the road to forever!”

Having the opportunity to photograph a proposal is such a uniquely special experience.  Your first encounter with the couple is one of the most memorable moments of their lives and you’re offered a glimpse into one of the most authentic versions of those people.  All walls are down, and nothing is left but overflowing emotion! 

Max and Christy were the perfect example of this!

“It was love at first sight for Max. He didn’t hesitate when he asked me to be his girlfriend after our first few dates. I on the other hand had gotten over a long relationship and was not looking to jump into anything, but we had so much fun together every single time! I couldn’t hold myself back from falling deeply. Soon after, it hit me that this man was the light of my life. Every time we were together we would laugh and talk for hours and the next thing we knew we were half way through the middle of the night. It always felt like time skipped a beat when we were together and it was during those conversations of truly getting to know one another and endless laughs that ultimately built the foundation for what was to come. To this day, we never want to leave each others sides because to each other, we are home.”

Two and a half years after their chance meeting at a BBQ in Chicago, Max and Christy found themselves up in Glen Arbor, Michigan for the Holiday weekend.  Head over heels in love and ready for whatever was to come next.  Unbeknownst to Christy however, Max had a plan in place! 

“When we arrived I was told that the plan was to be ready at 6:45PM and right around that time my mom says to all that the dinner reservation had been pushed back to 8:15PM. My sister and her husband, Troy, asked us to go into town to get a drink while we waited (all part of the plan). It was at that point as soon as we left that the plan would be executed. Max had scheduled for his parents to arrive and for the photographer to show up, during this time my family was setting up the dock with rose petals, lanterns and candles and our favorite song “you and me” by Dave Matthews quietly playing in the background. On our way back, Max told me to sit on the back of the golf cart (facing away) with him. When we pulled into the driveway Troy pulls past the garage at full speed and I turn around to ask where he was going and that is when I saw the dock all decked out and immediately, I knew what was happening. Max grabbed my hand and we walked down the dock – all I could say was OMG is this really happening. After what seemed to be the longest walk ever, Max got on one knee with the dreamiest words and a few tears along the way he asked me to be his forever. Of course, without a single doubt in my mind, I said yes. We turn our heads to the beach and my entire family along with Max’s parents were standing on the beach watching it all happen. To end off the evening, my bothers put on a firework show and we celebrated the rest of the week with our favorite people. It was by far the most beautiful and romantic evening of my life!”

Congratulations Max and Christy! It was such an honor to be a part of that special day and I wish nothing but the best for the rest of your journey together!