Watervale Inn Wedding | Erin + Ryan | By Luke + Anna


Imagine gathering your closest friends and family. In your favorite place. For one big party.

That was exactly what Erin & Ryan’s special day was all about.

Erin & Ryan chose to celebrate their union at the beautiful Watervale Inn in Arcadia, Michigan, a place that has played a significant role in Erin’s life throughout the years and holds many, many wonderful memories. So it only makes sense that she chose to make that very place the backdrop to her breathtakingly beautiful, fun, and memorable wedding weekend.

The quaint cottages, the crystal blue water, the friends and family that traveled miles to experience it all with the dearly loved couple. It all came together to form a wedding event that will undoubtedly be talked about for years to come.

While Ryan began his day with wedding preparations in the company of his close friends, Erin and her ladies prepped in their lakeside cottage. Selfie sticks and polaroids proved to be a wonderful addition to the preparation process as everyone laughed and captured memory after memory in still frame.

Finally, it was time for the bride and groom to be reunited. With Ryan waiting patiently on the beach, Erin carefully made her way down the path to her groom. The joy, the smiles, the champagne. Erin & Ryan’s excitement was undeniable and such a privilege to have witnessed. Soon, the bride and groom were joined by their bridal party for a few photos and laughs before it was time for everyone to make their way to a beautiful ceremony followed by a personal and special reception.

And in keeping with Watervale tradition, the dinner bell was rung by the newlyweds and guests were serenaded by the customary pots and pans marching band. It was the perfect way to begin an evening of celebrating these two newlyweds. Congratulations, Erin & Ryan!

Bride’s Dress: J.Crew | Bridesmaid Dresses: J.Crew | Preparation, Ceremony, & Reception Location: Watervale Inn | Wedding Planner: Mindy City Weddings | Hair Stylist: Mindy City Hair | Makeup Artist: Mindy City Hair | Florist: Birchwood Flowers | Caterer: Watervale Inn