The Engagement Session

Style Tips & Tricks

The engagement session is generally the first time you’ll meet your wedding photographer. It’s completely natural to feel a little awkward at first having someone document your love and relationship on camera, but it doesn’t have to be! The more relaxed you both are, the better. So we’ve compiled some tips to help you feel more comfortable during the session.

Whether you choose a picnic on the beach with champagne, sailing the bay on a boat, or simply strolling through your favorite hiking trail – making a conscious style selection for the shoot is key.

The following tips should give you a great start on deciding the perfect style coordination for you and your fiancé to wear on the shoot together.

Stick With The Three C’s

Think About The Season

Match Styles, Not Colors

If you are planning your session for fall, when the colors are warm reds and oranges, think of how you stand out amongst that backdrop. Think cool hues such as blues, soft whites, and simple patterns.

Confidence, Comfort, and Compliments: Confidence will allow you to be yourself in front of the camera. Comfort will happen with your confidence and will allow for emotional images. To help feel confident, compliment each other BIG TIME on how you dressed when heading to your shoot. Make each other feel great and it will show in the photos.

You don’t have to match or color coordinate. Think more of matching your styles. In other words, one of you should not dress for a casual night in with jeans and a t-shirt while the other wears an outfit for a night on the town.

Think Classic

Keep It Simple

Keep in mind how trends change and keep true to who you are. Wear clothes that have classic lines and structures that are flattering to both of you.

The biggest focus during a session is the two of you, not your style. Keep your outfits simple. Stay away from text or logos on your clothes.

Location Ideas

an » amuzement park

Nothing says fun like the Tilt-A-Whirl to go with your whirlwind romance.

After all, what better

way to capture an engagement
than the place it all started?

Do you both enjoy playing checkers? What better way to capture your personality than in the heat of game play, the agony of defeat, or the comedy of contemplating the next move?

doing your » favorite activity

At The » Place He Proposed

Fun and funky, pictures in alleyways or in otherwise undiscovered locations of your area make for a more intimate view of the city.

Your city is beautiful

at any time of the year, and the skyline shares where you
live now, a beautiful

location that might change with time.

Your » Favorite Skyline

a » downtown urban setting

where you » First Met

Each Other

No matter where you first met,

going back to your beginnings is a marvelous memory.

In the morning, evening, or any time of day, the sea meets an endless sky for a

feeling of forever.

A Romantic » Beach

Meaningful memories happen when you are just being yourself in
a playful, organic setting.

at a park » or nature setting

What better way to capture your new family than including a beloved shared pet in your session!

bring your » pet

At Your »

Favorite Local Shop

Quirky and cozy,

local mom and pop shops are a great
way to take a quick
break to refuel and

catch some local, architectural shots with you in the process.

Catch the
nuances of the seasons: winter wonderlands, leaves of fall, flowers of spring, and lush, green summers in nearby fields and forests.

seasonal »

Now, let's document your love.