Bellaire, MI Wedding | Jill + Charlie


“Growing up together in Michigan but living in California, we knew we’d have to ask some people to travel. We chose Shanty Creek almost right away, because it’s five minutes away from my family’s cottage on Lake Bellaire, with great views of the lake itself. We were able to enjoy a place that was beautiful and special to us, and to relax with our family for a week afterward. We wanted the wedding to feel more like a day at the lake, and Shanty gave us the chance to do that.”

Choosing a venue that was special to Jill and Charlie was an easy task when they came across Shanty Creek. Giving the desired “backyard” feel, while being easy to plan for from California, ” It was an easy choice for me from the beginning of our search.” Charlie said.

The morning of the wedding, Jill and Charlie shared a special breakfast together. Laughing and visiting with their two families that were soon to become one, it was a very memorable start to a great day. “I was barely able to eat, I was so anxious, worrying about our friends and family traveling, hoping everything would go well, and hoping for the drizzle to clear up. But I wasn’t nervous at all to marry Charlie.  The breakfast ran long, which slowed us down, but I am so glad for that morning.” Jill said.

As the rain faded away, and the day was now under way, the excitement was growing. “Our first look at the family cottage was so wonderful. I expected to cry, but instead I found myself smiling and laughing. I loved being dressed up with Charlie on the dock where we’d spent so many hours growing up, with my family peeking at us from behind the cottage’s curtains. It felt like a special day, but an ordinary one too. The wind was blowing hard, but that made the whole thing feel even more wild and fun.”

Getting ready for your wedding is a special time, and for Charlie it was no different. “Getting ready before hand in the room with Greg felt normal, but always a bit bigger. It was a weird feeling, the room was special, I’d put on suits, dress shoes and ties before, but the whole moment had a larger feel about it. Like there was some weight to each action I was performing, as though a part of a performance. Not sure I’ll have that feeling again. ”

With their family and friends all gathered together, it was time to seal the deal. “I underestimated the joy of having so many people we love together. I couldn’t even hear the music. Charlie’s vows to me were so wonderful–he surprised me with references to some of my favorite books and to music that was significant to us, and made me laugh. His thoughtfulness made me feel so loved and reminded me (yet again) in that moment why I wanted to marry him.”

With everyone dancing and having a good time, Jill and Charlie’s dream came true of throwing a wedding celebration that so many people could enjoy.

“We’d done the rehearsal the day before, and while that cemented that this was really happening nothing prepared me for showing up with all my friends and family there. When my Dad came out to hug me it sent a burst of emotions through me and made me feel so loved by all these people.” Charlie said. It truly was a day filled with so much love and joy in sharing with all of the people Jill and Charlie love the most.

Congratulations Jill and Charlie! May God bless your marriage.

Dress Alterations: Designs by Fanny in San Mateo from David’s Bridal | Shoes: Designer Shoe Warehouse | Jewelry: Rocksbox | Rings: Galati Jewelers | Suits: Indochino | Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal | Reception Location: Shanty Creek Resorts | Hair & Makeup: Randi at Total Look Salon at Shanty Creek | Florist: Cottage Floral | Desserts: Ruthann’s Gourmet Bakery | Party Favors: Ruthann’s Gourmet Bakery | Decor: Serradella Vintage