Bronson, MI Wedding Photography – Austin & Traci

by | Jul 5, 2010

So I think I am going to change things up a little bit on the writing format of the blog posts. Instead of a quick blurb on the wedding at the beginning of the post, I am going to caption some of the highlights of the wedding underneath the photos. I have been feeling like I’ve been leaving out some awesome details of the weddings and how much work the bride and groom put into their special day. So for now on, if there is something in particular I feel you all should know about, well I’m going to let you have it!

It wasn’t too long ago that I met up with Austin and Traci for their engagement session in Traverse City. Their wedding was a very intimate and personal setting with close friends and family in Bronson, which is pretty much on the Michigan, Indiana border. Austin and Traci are now on their way to Puerto Rico to teach people how to farm. Congratulations Austin and Traci, we had a blast spending your special day with you, God Bless!

The ceremony and reception were held Traci’s dad flower farm, Mayer Glad Farms. He mowed a path through the woods from the ceremony site to where the reception was held.

These benches were handmade by a friend of the family.

Austin peaking back at his Father-in-Law after the pastor made a joke.

Austin and Traci planted a maple tree as part of their ceremony.

Request by the Bride, Traci had some great suggestions!

Probably my favorite photo from the day!

AMAZING DETAILS! Everything was handmade or locally bought.

Some friends of the family helped with preparing the meal.

Austin had cooked and prepared all the food himself for the reception. I would like to add it was all SO DELICIOUS!

The desert had fresh fruit from around the farm and Austin even used milk from a friend down the road to make the custard.

Their first dance together was a choreographed swing dance!

A couple of goofballs crashing the photo booth!

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  1. Uncle Mark

    Very Very Nice. And I win….

  2. Danielle Beaver

    I want to be friends with these people!!!!! And nice job on the B&Ws, cuz…they are my FAVES!!!

  3. Jason

    Nice work Dan! What a cool wedding!

  4. Clare

    Wow! Everything about this wedding looks soooo amazing! It is so incredible to see how much thought and love went into every detail (and the captions helped me see that even more). You did a fantastic job of capturing this one, Dan! I am so very impressed.

  5. Amanda

    Great shots! I love all the details and the natural feel of this wedding. My favorite is the same as yours! So sweet, natural, and romantic!

  6. D Wiz

    Very cool. Looks like they had a beautiful wedding on a gorgeous day. Nice work Matt and Dan!

  7. Rikka Bos

    Dan, I think this is my favorite shoot yet! Great couple, great photos! LOVE IT!! 🙂

  8. Bethany Klein

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these photos and this couple!!!! 😀 Everything about this wedding was so beautiful and captured perfectly. I have to say this is my favorite wedding so far 🙂

  9. valerie

    this are awesome dan! by far, my favorite wedding photos i have seen! love 'em! 🙂

  10. Traci Dillon


  11. auna williams

    love these pictures!!! your wedding was beautiful!!

  12. Kristen waller

    I love the look of the pictures u have on here. Funny to see wedding photos from my home town, and people I know I am getting married on 7/6/13 and in need of a photographer. Wood love to here back from u if u are interested.


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