Heartwarming Flint Golf Club Wedding | Ashley + Brian


Ashley and Brian’s wedding day was filled with love, history, and a heartwarming commitment to one another. Brian, the groom, confessed that he was feeling a mix of emotions on the big day. “I was feeling great! Although a little stressed because I wanted everything to go well, yet excited that I was marrying my Ashley!” he shared. Ashley, the bride, admitted that she too was a bundle of nerves and excitement. “I wanted everything to go as planned but knew some things would not.

As it turns out, with the things that went wrong, everything went perfect. As a non-emotion person, that day was very emotional for me. I couldn’t ask for better family and friends. It was a great success because of them,” she said with a smile.

Both Brian and Ashley highlighted the magical first look as one of the standout moments of their day. Brian couldn’t help but gush about his bride. “The first look was amazing. Ashley was absolutely stunning!” he exclaimed. Ashley, on the other hand, revealed how her nervousness dissipated as soon as she laid eyes on Brian. “The first look. I was taken by surprise at how emotional I was and how handsome Brian looked. Once I saw him, my nervousness went away,” she admitted, her eyes reflecting the love she felt.

In addition to their first look, both bride and groom found deep significance in two other moments of the day. For Brian, it was the moment Ashley’s father walked her into the ceremony. Ashley, too, cherished this moment. “The first look and when my dad walked me down the aisle,” she fondly remembered. These moments of connection with their loved ones added an extra layer of warmth and meaning to their special day.

Ashley wore a stunning statement necklace on her wedding day. What made this necklace even more special was the touching story behind it. The necklace had been passed down through generations, a precious heirloom with a history as rich as the love between Brian and Ashley.

Ashley’s grandmother was the one who discovered the cross, beautifully crafted with gold work but missing its stones, when she was cleaning out her house. It was a piece of jewelry that had witnessed the passage of time and family memories. Ashley’s grandmother cherished the cross, wearing it as a pin and on a necklace, despite its incomplete form.

A twist of fate led to the necklace’s restoration. Ashley’s grandfather had a friend in the diamond business, and one Christmas, the cross mysteriously reappeared under the tree, its four terminal and transept diamonds lovingly replaced. Subsequent Christmases brought more diamonds until the cross was restored to its original splendor. It was a touching symbol of the enduring love and care within Ashley’s family.

The necklace’s history goes even deeper in Ashley’s imagination. She likes to think that it was originally purchased by Mr. Fenton, for whom the town was named and her great-great-grandfather, while in Europe. In her version of history, when the Civil War broke out, Mr. Fenton sold the stones and used the proceeds to pledge $5,000—an extraordinary sum in the 1860s—to outfit a regiment, the Eighth Michigan Volunteer Regiment, to fight for The Union. The now-empty cross would have descended first to Mr. Fenton’s daughter and then to his granddaughter—Ashley’s mother—in whose house she found it.

As Brian and Ashley celebrated their wedding day, they did so wearing the love and history of generations past, a testament to the enduring power of love and family bonds. Their wedding was a day of magic and meaning, a perfect beginning to their new life together as husband and wife.

Congratulations, Ashley + Brian! We wish you nothing but happiness in your future together.

Bride’s Dress: The Wedding Shoppe | Bride’s Shoes: Dolce Vita | Groom’s and Groomsmen’s Suits: Men’s Wearhouse | Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Revolve | Ceremony and Reception Location: Flint Golf Club | Hair Stylist: Christine Thompson | Florist: Gerych’s Design | DJ: Blacktie Production | Transportation: Top Luxury Limo | Invitations: Minted |