Italy Wedding | Sara + Alex


Every couple has a beginning to their lives together. Sometimes that beginning is planned and sometimes it is completely unexpected. That story of how a couple first meets will be talked about over and over again during the span of their lives. It will never be forgotten, it should never be taken for granted. It will be a moment that will always be cherished, because that moment is the the start of something true, genuine and everlasting. Here’s the scene that begins Sara & Alex’s story together.

Bangladesh. An American girl. An Italian man. Both far from their roots. Surrounded by new culture, new friends and new environments. Both enjoying the night life in a new city, who just so happen to go to the same restaurant. Destiny takes over.

As their love continued to grow for one another, destiny would bring friends and family from all over the world to celebrate their marriage in Vigasio, Italy. La Zambonina, once a home to a farm family harvesting rice, is now a restored 400 year old piece of Italian history, in the middle rice fields, with vineyards and mountains surrounding the area. A perfect setting for Sara & Alex to begin their lives together.

The relationship that these two share illustrates compassion, love, kindness, adventure and hope. Characteristics that are hard to come by to some, but are so natural to these two.  It brings me great joy to call Sara my sister, and Alex, my brother. Congratulations you two, may the Lord bless your marriage!

Bride’s Dress: Bay Bridal, Traverse City, MI | Bride’s Shoes: ASOS | Bride’s Engagement & Wedding Rings: Becky Thatcher | Bride’s Hair Piece: Twigs & Honey | Groom’s Wedding Ring: Case-Daniels & Rae Jewelry, Suttons Bay, MI | Groom’s Pocket Square: Mrs. Bow Tie | Flower Girl Dress: Raq Robes Collection | Preparation, Ceremony, & Reception Location: La Zambonina, Italy | Hair Stylist: Top Studio Parrucchiere De Girolimetto Alberto | Florist: Rosaflor | Caterer: Agostino Elio | Desserts: Panificio Garlani | Dj: Stumpo Jazz | Transportation: Fiat Clinque Cento Car (Yuri Del Moro) & Vespas (borrowed from friends) | Wine: II Vinocolo