Aurora Cellars Wedding | Ashley + Elliot


“I am about to marry my favorite person in the whole world.” – Elliot

“I just wanted to see Elliot and celebrate our day together! Nothing else really mattered to me.” – Ashley

The venue was decorated elegantly with every detail thought through and presented perfectly. Surrounded by the beauty of Aurora Cellars and hundreds of family and friends, Ashley + Elliot promised their love to each other. Personally written and painstakingly reviewed edited and finalized, the wedding vows were a highlight of the day for them. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

As preparations came to an end, Elliot made his way over from Suttons Bay to Aurora Cellars to see his bride to be for their first look. “The First look was amazing, it was a time where we were able to really let our emotions take over and it was very special to have it shared between just the two of us! The first look is where I completely lost it. I was so happy and amazed at how beautiful Ashley looked that I couldn’t hold myself together!”

“It wasn’t until right before our first look when I started really feeling emotions. I’m not a very emotional person but in those few minutes, a sense of joy/ pure happiness came over me, and it was an amazing feeling. When Elliot and I first started wedding planning we were 100% against doing a first look but I am so glad we did. It gave us a chance to be completely alone and was a moment only about the two of us. I really appreciated that.”

As guests started to occupy the grounds to witness the matrimony between Ashley and Elliot, these two didn’t know how much their vows to one another would impact the other. “Reading our own vows during the ceremony was great because we were able to tell each other how we felt towards one another and the reason why we want to be together forever! I couldn’t even make it through my wedding vows without tearing up (tears of joy). I couldn’t have been any happier!”

“It meant so much to me that we wrote our own vows and standing there listening to Elliot read his, will forever be one of the greatest moments of my life.”

Following the delicious dinner and dessert, the dance floor was the place to be. “The dancing was a lot of fun, we have been to weddings where not many people joined in on the dance floor, however at our wedding, we had as many people out there as we could fit and it was great! Having the final dance just the two of us was also a great way to end the night!”

“Magical, Romantic and Beautiful” is how this day is going to be remembered for everyone who attended and supported this amazing couple.

Congratulations Ashley + Elliot and may God Bless your marriage.

Bride and Bridesmaid’s Dress Designer: Morilee from The Dress Shop | Groom and Groomsmen Tux’s: The Tux Room | Ceremony, Preparation and Reception: Aurora Cellars | Wedding Planner: Fox + Fern Events | Hair Stylist: Elegant Bridal Hair and Makeup Design | Makeup Artist: Kelly Buchanan | Florist: Hooper’s Farm Gardens | Caterer: Catering By Kelly’s