45 North Vineyard + Winery Wedding | Jenna + Ben | By Luke


Jenna + Ben’s wedding day is one that I will never forget as a photographer. Photographing local couples who have personal ties to the area adds such a layer of depth to everything. Not to mention, Jenna & Ben rock!

“Ben is the tasting room manager of 45 North, so it was an easy venue for us to work with, plus we got a great deal! We both work in wine and liked the idea of having the wedding at a winery. Plus, Ben grew up in Lake Leelanau, and wanted to have the wedding close to his home.”

Wedding days can go by in such a flash, it’s rare and underrated to be able to find times to yourself to slow down. Thankfully, Jenna’s day started off with just that, “I was able to start my day by myself and have some quiet time after a week of people running around my house. Sitting alone with our two kitty girls drinking coffee helped me center myself one last time before the actual wedding. My friends came over and brought breakfast, and from there on out it was spending time with some of the people I love most in this world, just watching the hours tick by until it was finally time to leave. Every once in a while the pings of anxiety would pop up, but mostly I was just excited to get to see Ben again.”

That time finally came! Ben stood anxiously as Jenna walked up to him out of sight. You could feel the excitement coming from everyone involved as Ben turned around to see his soon to be wife, and from that moment on it didn’t matter what nerves would arise because finally, Jenna & Ben were together!

Having a wedding in 2020 is no small feat and my hat’s off to Jenna & Ben for making it happen. Jenna agrees because she told us, “This wedding process had been such an insane ride that by the time the day got there, I just couldn’t believe we were actually able to make it happen. Those who were able to be there stepped up and it seemed like everyone had a hand in helping our wedding day work out as wonderfully as it did, and that still gets to me.” When we asked her to look back and summarize her wedding she said it was, “Incredible, exuberant, and thankgoditactuallyhappened. Am I allowed to make up a word? If I can, it’s that!” and I couldn’t agree more!

Jenna & Ben, Thank you for letting me be there with you on your wedding and congratulations!

Bride’s Dress: BHLDN | Groom’s Suit: Men’s Wearhouse | Groom’s Ring: Manly Bands | Groom’s Accessories: Frank & Buck | Ceremony + Reception Location: 45 North Vineyard & Winery | Hair Stylist: Studio 415 Salon | Florist: Forget Me Not Florist | Caterer: Robby’s Mexican & Spanish Cuisine