Leland Lodge Wedding | Bre + Jeff


What could be more beautiful than a wedding on the Lake Michigan shoreline? “A timeless, intimate and just plain lovely” wedding day. Those are the words the happy couple used to describe the unforgettable day, Bre + Jeff tied the knot.

“As a whole, the day was full of laughter, love, and excitement.” It was a day of dreams coming to fruition. Bre’s parents’ beautiful property on ”the big lake” Michigan, and her imagination and creativity in developing the gardens, culminated in the perfect wedding venue. Bre dreamed to have her wedding ceremony in the gardens that she designed just for that. “With a year of dreams coming true it felt like there was no other place than there to celebrate uniting our lives forever.”

While Jeff was excited to spend some quality time with his kids prior to the ceremony by exploring Fishtown, Bre had an old fashioned sleepover with her sisters in the cottage where they grew up. No doubt, many a story was told, laughter and tears shared Bre could “feel the buzz of excitement for the special day that lay ahead”.

A definite highlight was seeing Jeff’s children participate in the wedding and Jeff couldn’t contain his emotions as he watched his children walk down the aisle looking so very grownup during the ceremony. For Bre + Jeff, the ceremony was especially emotional “ … in those moments looking into each other’s eyes and promising those forevers and sealing the love we shared”, “our eyes became a little blurry with tears of joy.” Spending an unforgettable day with the people you love, sharing emotions and stories in the perfect setting, that’s the perfect wedding day for Bre + Jeff. “Forever the Millers”.

Congratulations Bre + Jeff and may God Bless your marriage.

Wedding and Engagement Ring: Sami Fine Jewelry | Reception Location: The Leland Lodge