Witt’s Inn Wedding | Gabby + Jake


Nestled in little Lowell Michigan sits an elegant, simple, and rustic Inn. Home to Jake’s family, Witt’s Inn provided not only a gorgeous venue for a wedding, but a special place to tie the knot.

“I laid in bed just thinking and anticipating what was all going to take place that day. I cried, just cried. Not because I was scared or nervous, but because all of these beautiful, overwhelming emotions flooded over me. After that, I was just simply ready to marry the man that I love dearly.” Gabby remembers from the morning of her wedding day.

As the day progressed, the sun shone bright and the church was full of family and friends ready to witness Gabby and Jake say “I do!”

“There was a subtle anxious feeling but the day never really felt real until I saw her walk around that corner with her dad; it all just seemed so far away that to actually see that the “big day” was here was kinda hard to comprehend. But boy was it real when I laid my eyes on her!!”

The day was sure one that won’t be forgotten, “Riding with my parents to the ceremony, tossing the bouquet and getting it stuck in the chandelier, my mom dancing the night away, being in one of the classrooms of the church with my mom and bridesmaids while my best friend prayed over me, minutes before the ceremony. Oh, and seeing Jake through a crack in the door right before the ceremony (no worries, he didn’t see me).”  A few of the special moments throughout the day that Gabby has tucked away forever.

“Greeting family and friends and sneaking away to pray with Pastor Ron just before the ceremony.” Jake remembers. “Above all I remember the whole day hitting me when Gabby and her father walked around the corner of the church. My mind, emotions, and deepest desires were welling up inside me seeing her walk down the aisle, something I had been imagining day after day but no imagining did that moment justice.”

About to walk down the aisle to forever, Gabby and Jake both hold this memory tight as it was one of the best throughout the day.  I was emotional when I saw Jake standing at the end of the aisle. No tears were shed; all I could do was smile out of pure adoration, joy and love.”

The cozy barn decorated perfectly, with an evening glow shining in, held a beautiful reception to celebrate of the couple’s love.

“After that, the next big thing that stands out was seeing my grandparents dancing the anniversary dance. Grandpa was goofy in his answers but the example he and Grandma have set for me over the years has been something only God can award them. It was a great moment to reflect and deepen my desire to be that God fearing example to those around us.”

The day came to a close with fireworks lighting up the night sky; and a newly married couple ready for forever.

“The big thing was when it was all over, with amazing fireworks and the ride away to be with Gabby forever. When we left, I fully grasped the fact that it was her and I ready to take on the world.”

“My answered prayer.” were the words Gabby used to describe the day.

Congratulations Gabby and Jake! May God bless your marriage.

Dress: David’s Bridal | Wedding & Engagement Rings: VandenBerg Jewelers | Groom & Groomsmen Suit: Men’s Warehouse | Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal | Preparation Location: Witt’s Inn | Ceremony Location: Smyrna Bible Church | Hair & Makeup: Smash Salon – The Bridal Duo | Florist: Artisan Flowers | Caterer: Catered Creations | DJ: Ed’s DJ Service | Invitations: Vistaprint