The Ridge at Verterra Wedding | Victoria + Brian


As stressful and hectic as planning a wedding can be, it is always so reassuring to be reminded that the day is really about you as a couple. For Victoria, walking out to the “First Look” was one moment that helped center her and calm her nerves. As it turned out, Brian felt the same way. Just being together, the two of them, before the ceremony and celebration helped them focus on their love for one another.

Of course, who doesn’t get a bit emotional during the reciting of the wedding vows! Victoria + Brian both wanted everything to go smoothly and perfectly. “The vows were the most emotional.” Of course, there were tears and laughter and they both made it through without a hitch.

Although the reciting of the vows is probably the most emotional event of the day, the reception speeches are probably the next most emotional. For Victoria + Brian, they did not disappoint. Hilarious, tender, loving and humbling, the speeches were definitely a highlight and so appreciated by the couple.

The spectacular views, the beautiful weather and the guests, made for the ultimate wedding celebration. Both Victoria + Brian loved seeing all their friends and family members enjoying themselves, taking in the gorgeous sunset and the dance floor. So much fun was had by all and made this a wedding day that was “perfect, memorable, and fulfilling”.

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