Extraordinary Springfield Castle Wedding | Brooke + Scott


Scott and Brooke’s adventure to Ireland, was something out of a fairytale. They chose the extraordinary Springfield Castle which doubled as a working farm as the backdrop for their special day. Surrounded by twenty of their closest family and friends, they embarked on a week-long celebration filled with joy and excitement.

On the wedding day, everyone dressed in stunning medieval attire. Scott looked like a noble knight, complete with a full suit of armor, while his companions stood tall with swords in hand. The women wore pastel greens and pinks, blending perfectly with the lush surroundings. Brooke, the radiant bride, wore a gorgeous white gown and an elvish headpiece, her hands holding a bouquet of intertwined blooms that followed alongside her train.

The ceremony itself was a tapestry of personal touches and heartfelt gestures. Each guest played a meaningful role, expressing themselves through spoken words, intricate paintings, or soul-stirring melodies. A fragrant root called Ick-nish was passed around, allowing everyone to breathe in its scent—a touching tribute to the bride’s late father, who was deeply missed but felt present in spirit. Jetty Rae, the bride’s sister, graced the occasion with their musical talents, adding to the unity celebration. As Scott and Brooke were pronounced husband and wife, the men raised their swords to create a tunnel of forged steel, forming a symbolic passage for the couple to begin their shared journey.

Filled with joy, the reception was a whirlwind of emotions. Heartfelt speeches, delicious Irish cuisine, and the melodies of a traditional Irish band created an atmosphere of celebration. Laughter, tears, and warm embraces painted the backdrop as loved ones came together to honor the union of two souls embarking on a grand adventure.

Scott and Brooke’s wedding in Limerick, Ireland, went beyond the boundaries of time and space, weaving a tale of love, magic, and profound connections. With a setting reminiscent of Lord of the Rings, their day was an immersive experience, filled with sentiment, power, and enchantment. As a storyteller and witness to their extraordinary journey, I am grateful to have been part of their captivating story.

Venue & Catering: Springfield Castle | Florist: Tie The Knot Weddings | Bakery: MM Cookies | Dress: Petoskey Bridal | Band: 7 after Sin a Deir Si | Videographer: Molten Sky