Black Star Farms Wedding | Jen + Ian


Love has a magical way of uniting people and creating unforgettable moments. For Jen + Ian, their wedding day in Sutton’s Bay was a joyous occasion filled with laughter, love, and cherished memories. Among the venue options, they discovered Black Star Farms—a gem surrounded by rolling vineyards and rustic charm. It was love at first sight. The venue perfectly aligned with their vision and offered both convenience and excellent value. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, Black Star Farms set the stage for their love story to unfold in a relaxed and intimate setting.

At the start of their big day, they both experienced a whirlwind of emotions. Jen felt a touch of nervousness, hoping that everything would go smoothly. Yet, as the day continued on, a sense of relief washed over her—a culmination of months of careful planning and anticipation. Ian was filled with excitement and eagerness to leave behind the stress of preparations. Amidst it all, they found solace in knowing that their love and shared joy would shine through any uncertainties.

The wedding ceremony itself was a tapestry woven with love, laughter, and spontaneous moments. As they stood before their loved ones, they exchanged heartfelt vows, sealing their commitment to one another. A collective sense of joy filled the air as Jen’s father proudly walked her down the aisle. And who could forget the impromptu dance lesson in the parking lot just minutes before their first dance? It was a lighthearted and exhilarating moment, showcasing their ability to embrace spontaneity and revel in the simple joys of life.

Jen + Ian’s Sutton’s Bay wedding was a blissful celebration that united love and location in the most magical way. Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of their chosen destination, they created a day filled with laughter, love, and cherished memories. Their journey, from the anticipation of wedding preparations to the pure delight of exchanging vows, was a testament to their deep connection. Together, they embarked on a new chapter of their lives, eagerly embracing the future hand in hand, and forever cherishing the memories of their beautiful wedding.

Congratulations, Jen + Ian! We wish you nothing but the absolute best.

Ceremony and Reception Location: Black Star Farms | Hair and Makeup Artist: The Hair and Beauty Lounge | Florist: Field of Flowers North | Desserts: The Bakers Gamble | DJ: 2 Bays DJ | Transportation: Blue Lakes by the Bay |