Black Star Farms Wedding | Karen + Nick


Karen and Nick’s wedding day was perfectly planned to mirror who they are as people and the kind of atmosphere they wanted to be in on that day.

“Looking at various venues at wineries and vineyards within Michigan, most venues had one or two things we were looking for but Black Star Farms seemed to have it all – perfect spot within the actual vines for the ceremony, a great barn to hold the reception, and an Inn so we could stay the night on location.”

Heating up early in the morning, the day evolved into a perfect northern Michigan summer day for the two. With much excitement, Nick was so glad the day had finally arrived. “I had been looking towards this day for so very long. I remember really wanting to make sure that the day was a memorable day for Karen and I was trying to make it as special as I could for her.”

That morning, Karen felt Nick’s effort and love for her and their day as she was delivered hand-written letters from her soon to be husband while getting ready. “His letters were from the heart and reminded me the exact reasons we were getting married that day.”

As the day progressed, it began to fill up with the moments Karen and Nick will remember forever. For Nick, “seeing Karen for the first time, seeing her and her dad walk her down the aisle, placing her wedding ring on her finger, and walking back down the aisle and husband and wife.” were surreal, stand-still, moments in time.

After the majority of the day had passed, and the schedule did not matter any more, Karen had time to soak all of her day in. “Finally after all the ‘planned’ things were done, and I had made sure to talk to most of my guests, I walked out the front of the barn to talk with our friends and it was the first time I really took in the venue and the day. I saw all the kids running up the hill and rolling down it and our friends standing in the front of the barn talking, reminiscing and discussing Nick and mine’s progression of friendship to dating to now marriage. That moment reminded me why we picked this venue – it was truly ‘us.’ It was perfect – we were able to pull in all the things that are important to us. I remember taking a deep breath, relaxing, and standing in Nick’s arms to try to soak it all in.”

Though there were many memorable moments throughout the day, Karen and Nick knew the importance of taking just one more to pause, and look around at all the love they were immersed in.

“Another moment I cherish is our dance. It was a joke throughout the day that we were not doing a first dance because Nick literally cannot dance. I was ok with that decision as I am not one for common traditions. However, part way through the reception I was talking to family outside and heard a slow song playing – I don’t even remember which one – but I got the urge to grab Nick and have a short dance with him. I pulled him on the dance floor and he immediately started to try to do the simple step I had tried teaching him the week prior, but I laughed and said no, lets just sway, I just want to be close to you and share a moment. It was perfect. It was us. Only a handful of people even knew it happened. Again, this was perfect for us.”

Karen and Nick’s day was perfect for the two of them, simple and sweet. The joy of being present in the beautiful moments the two had created was their happiness. Karen and Nick know and treasure each other’s company, and the company of those they love. “After the reception ended, many our friends and some family made it over to the lounge at the Inn and we laughed the night away and had a really great time just hanging out and socializing.” Hanging on to these moments, Karen and Nick will be able to celebrate their day over and over again.

Congratulations Karen and Nick! May God bless your marriage.

Bridal Gown: Bella Bianca | Wedding & Engagement Rings: Tacori | Groom’s Suit: Men’s Wearhouse | Wedding Ring: Tacori | Preparation, Ceremony, and Reception Location: Black Star Farms | Hair and Makeup: M.O. Hair and Beauty Lounge  | Florist: Lilies of the Alley | Bakery: Top Tier Cakery | Officiant: Chris Lane | DJ: 2BaysDJS |