Rove Estates Engagement | Tatum + Josh | By Anna


“I knew I wanted to marry Josh within a few months of us dating. I had never been so excited to spend time with someone. He is just such a genuine, selfless person and is really my best friend.”

“After spending the fall semester getting to know how amazing Tatum is, I was due to spend six months away from her in Thailand. Shortly after leaving I knew I couldn’t be without her.”

Tatum + Josh met at Michigan State University. “We would often tailgate together along with our roommates. One day, my friend, who was supposed to be my plus one to a hayride event, cancelled last minute and convinced me to ask Josh to go with me instead. We were inseparable after that.”

Whether skydiving, white water rafting, rock climbing, or traveling the world together, Tatum & Josh are never shy of a new adventure. “Josh proposed on a beautiful beach in Belize. We were on a trip with his brother and sister-in-law. We had a private chef at our beachside airbnb that night and while we were waiting for dinner, he asked me to go down to the beach to take a sunset picture. I was initially reluctant, as the appetizers had just come out, but eventually went down to the beach. I was completely surprised at the real reason for his sunset picture and could not have been happier to say yes.”

Tatum + Josh, you two were made for each together. Congratulations on your engagement!