Chateau Chantel Wedding | Jessica + Marlon


Jessica and Marlon were always considering a destination wedding, but it didn’t take long after seeing Chateau Chantal decked out in wedding decorations to know that was their dream location. “During a spontaneous weekend trip to Old Mission following our engagement, we saw a wedding happening at Chateau Chantal. It was late spring, and the backdrop to that ceremony was breathtaking. We knew immediately that this was the place wanted to get married and celebrate with our family. We loved how intimate the space felt, and how kindly the staff treated us.”

The day began rather too early for Jess, as she woke up overly excited and ready for the day to start. A relaxing breakfast with their family and a stroll around town gave Marlon and Jess some great time together before splitting up to get ready for the evening ceremony. As for Marlon, he began to worry about the weather and the small details that could go wrong. Soon to be washed away with thoughts of his beautiful bride to be, though. He quickly became excited and thrilled for what was to come.

“I’ll always remember our ceremony as one of the most special moments of my life. My brother officiated with a humor and sentimentality that was very personal and sweet. Marlon and I kept our vows secret til the ceremony. It was an intimate and incredibly meaningful moment that I’ll never forget.” Said Jess. For Marlon, his first look at Jess blew him away and will be something he won’t forget. “I distinctly remember interrupting the ceremony to gasp ‘wow’ as I looked around and squeezed Jess’ hand and said ‘this is really happening'”. As the ceremony continued, the vows stuck out as a very emotional moment for Marlon: “I knew that I had found the perfect woman and partner.”

The day was ideal, and their destination wedding made for a beautiful setting. As Jess remembers, it was “intimate, love-filled, and fun!”

Congratulations Marlon and Jessica! May God bless your marriage.

Dress: Essense of Australia from Reddington Bridal | Engagement Ring: French Aristocrat | Wedding Rings: Santiago Ortega | Suit Designer: Hugo Boss from Nordstrom | Shoes: Allen Edmond | Preparation & Reception Location: Chateau Chantal | Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Memorable Occasions | Florist: Lilies of the Alley | Caterer: Chateau Chantel | Officiant: Nicholas Parlove | Violinist: Steven K. Leonard | Transportation: Grand Traverse Tours | Invitations: Cristina Vanko