Special BlueBridge Event Centre Wedding | Kelsie + Jimmy


Traverse City is a slice of paradise that holds a special place in Kelsie and Jimmy’s hearts. It’s their go-to escape from the hustle of life in Grand Rapids, a hidden gem they couldn’t wait to share with their loved ones.  BlueBridge, with its lush greenery, the seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces – it was the perfect place for them to showcase it.

You know that moment when it hits you – “Whoa, this is OUR wedding day!” Kelsie felt it when she slipped into her wedding dress and caught a glimpse of her mom. The unfiltered emotions exchanged between a mother and her daughter at that very instant were nothing short of breathtaking. It’s like time froze, and all that mattered was the love and significance of that moment.

So, rewind a bit to the days leading up to the big day. The month before was like one endless rollercoaster of excitement. They had to deal with the nitty-gritty details, but honestly, they were just itching for the day to arrive. Can you blame them? When you’re about to marry your soulmate, surrounded by all the people who mean the world to you, the wait can be quite a tease!

Fast forward to the wedding day. Imagine this: Kelsie sneaking a peek at her groom, Jimmy, when she does his hair while he wears a blindfold! Talk about a fun start to the day. It’s those little moments that make everything so special. And when she laid eyes on him, all the nerves melted away, replaced by a calm that only true love can bring.

And oh boy, the first look! The groom, the brothers, the adorable dogs – all in one place, sharing a moment that will forever be etched in their memories. The love and excitement were contagious, spreading like wildfire and setting the tone for the day.

Dinner was a whole other level of wonderful. Looking around the room, Kelsie and Jimmy couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of love present. It’s like the room was radiating this warmth that you could physically feel. And those stolen moments, like zooming away on a golf cart for a breather and some sunset photos – those are the ones that make you smile when you look back. As they swayed under the soft glow of twinkling lights, surrounded by the lush greenery of BlueBridge, Kelsie and Jimmy felt a profound sense of gratitude.

Gratitude for the journey that led them to Traverse City, for the unwavering support of their loved ones, and for the enduring magic of the day. Each step on the dance floor became a testament to the rhythm of their hearts, beating in harmony with the celebration of their extraordinary love.

Every wedding has its own story, its unique blend of emotions, and Kelsie and Jimmy’s wedding was no exception. It was a journey of love, a celebration of connections, and a reminder that amidst all the chaos, there’s something magical about finding your soul’s true home. Here’s to their incredible love story. May their journey be as vibrant and beautiful as the landscapes and people that witnessed their special day.

Congratulations, Kelsie + Jimmy!

Bride’s Dress: Paloma Blanca from Renee Austin | Bride’s Shoes: Kate Whitcomb | Bride’s Jewelry: Olive & Piper and Dareth Colburn | Bride + Groom’s Rings: Preusser Jewelers | Groom’s Suit: Fitzgerald’s Men’s Store | Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Lulu’s | Preparation, Ceremony, and Reception Location: BlueBridge Events Centre | Wedding Planner: Rene L. from Bluebridge | Hair and Makeup Artist’s: Team Hair and Beauty | Florist: Amy Kate Designs | Caterer: Catering by Kelly | Desserts: Top Tier and Moomers | Transportation and Photo Booth: The Magic Shuttle Bus |