Family Home Wedding | Jenna + Brandon | By Luke


Surreal, Intimate, and Loved

Jenna & Brandon’s wedding day didn’t look exactly how they were expecting it to. But this year, I don’t think anyone’s has. With restrictions and health concerns and various other curveballs, the one thing Jenna & Brandon knew was that they wanted to get married no matter what. So, after coordinating and shuffling around… everything, they were finally ready to get married at Jenna’s parents house in Northern Michigan.

The house was buzzing with excitement as guests began to seat themselves around the family pool for the ceremony, but no one was as excited as Brandon when Jenna finally walked down the aisle. After many tears were shed and laughs were had, Jenna & Brandon were finally husband and wife!

The evening following was everything they could’ve hoped for. Beautiful weather, close friends and family, and good food and dancing. But if you ask Jenna & Brandon or their bridal party they will probably all tell you about the time they jumped, fully clothed, into the pool!

Congratulations Jenna & Brandon!